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Things you always wanted to know about vox pops

It sounds simple enough, recording voices of passers-by, but there's more to vox popping than meets the ear. Years of experience on the street have produced the following pearl:

a vox pop consists of a montage of voices and opinions recorded on location (often your nearest main shopping street) a vox pop should include a range of voices: young, old, male, female, multi-ethnic, sensible, outraged, funny, unreasonable vox pops are cut together rather than carefully mixed the vox pop should be audibly on location but not drowned by passing lorries, blaring music etc a vox pop is normally 20 –40 seconds – any longer will sound very laboured the best vox pops are pacey, quirky, memorable a vox pop is an excellent piece of texture for a radio package or as an introduction to an interview or discussion normally the reporter’s voice does not appear in a vox, except perhaps to ask an additional question or reiterate the original question the vox pop purports to be the views of the general public but it never is – it’s those six people you persuaded to stop and talk to you on a cold rainy Friday morning. Don’t present your vox as being a scientific survey of public opinion it often rains when you have to go out to record a vox

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